Energy audit in a district hospital in Yaoundé

From 17 to 24 April 2017, the engineers Levodo Joseph, Baban Thierry and the trainees Ebude Yolande, Assienne Inès carried out an energy audit in a district hospital in Yaoundé. The main objective is to make an overall diagnosis of available energy in this hospital.

This means measuring the quality of the energy through the PQ Box 100 network analyzer; to make the census of the electrical appliances and the balance of power in order to appreciate the rational use of the energy in this hospital

The results obtained allowed to make the following remarks:

Poor quality of energy.

The measurements made by the network analyzer during the 7 days speak for themselves: 18 (eighteen) frequency variations, 380 (three hundred and eighty) surges, 3514 (three thousand five hundred and fourteen) fluctuations of Voltage, 78 (seventy-eight) voltage dips, 3 (three) voltage cuts, 16 (sixteen) slow voltage variations and 53 (fifty three) flichers were recorded.

Poor quality of electrical installations.

These electrical installations are mostly aging and non-compliant.

Absence of a generator that can take over in the event of a power cut from the network.



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