Training Workshop on "Medical Imaging CMIT"


     From 31 May to 2 June 2017, about fifteen health professionals (medical doctor, medical imaging technician, medical and sanitary engineer) took part in a training workshop organized by the EssentielMed Foundation in Switzerland, under the theme " Introduction to CMIT Medical Imaging ", with Dr Beat Stoll, Dr Jean-Roger Moulion-Tapouh, Jonathan Marquis and Bogomil Kohlbrenner as main speakers.

This workshop is a CMIT (Continuous Medical Imaging Training) pilot training, of the Teach and Train project, of EssentialMed Foundation. Its objective is:

  • On the one hand, to offer a group of health professionals an introduction to radiology and ultrasound with an important aspect of patient and safety communication (including hygiene and radiation protection)
  • On the other hand, to validate the approach of an innovative training designed in close collaboration between Geneva (EssentialMed Foundation, University of Geneva, Geneva High School of Health) and Cameroonian partners (CURES, University of Yaoundé I, MinSanté)

The different activities of the training allowed to validate the content of the training, to have a first feedback of the learners and to consolidate the bases for the future trainings which will aim at a certification and will be on a longer term.


        Practice of an ultrasound on a participant in the training workshop

     Practice an ultrasound on a trainer


  Organizers and participants of the training workshop







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